How a Datawave Wireless Bridge Works

The Datawave Wireless Bridge products are designed to act as a wireless cable replacements for RS-232 and RS-485 protocols as well as for 0-10V, 4-20mA Analog signals and standard 0-5V or 0-3.3V Digital signals. All products also have a micro USB port that enumerates as a USB composite device with multiple COM ports. One COM port can be used for data while the second COM port provides a terminal for device settings. All radio parameters can be configured with AT commands or via free third party software. The USB wireless Bridge has a micro USB for data and configuration. The RS232 Wireless Bridge has a DB9 DCE female connector for data and radio configuration and a micro USB port to configure other settings. The RS-485 and Analog/Digital I/O products have a five pin screw terminal for data and signals and a micro USB port for configuration.


It is possible to mix and match wireless bridge products. The RS-232 Wireless Bridge will communicate with the RS-485, Analog and Digital I/O and USB wireless bridge products that share the same radio configuration. By using an RS-485 Wireless Bridge at point A and a RS-232 Wireless Bridge at point B, the wireless bridges can act as a RS-485 to RS-232 overthe-air converter.

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